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this is the WWW Redirect Checker, a tool that checks whether or not a www.domain-name.com or a website-call.com retrieves or fetches the same information or properly redirects customers to the equal starting place. to offer you an concept, a www redirect is a rule applied with the aid of your internet site server, which features to ahead traffic from the non-www version of your website online to its www model or vice  versa.

Redirect Checker

So for instance, a user inputs domain-call.com into his browser, this browser like Google Chrome will ship him to area-name.com.  And when that request reaches your server, this specific redirect will inform this browser that the right internet site deal with is www.domain-name.com. however then, you may additionally set this redirect up into some other manner, if you want to then be sending users from www.area-name.com to area-call.com.


these days, checking and verifying your internet site’s redirects is made easy using the WWW Redirect Checker that works instantly. All you need to do is to enter or kind in a particular website URL onto the checker interface or question field earlier than pressing the checker’s button. And inside multiple seconds, you'll get the consequences and see if your redirects are operating nicely or no longer.


this is a useful in search engine optimization because it facilitates you correct any wrong redirects that would make you lose your traffic. As a website proprietor trying to give the fine enjoy to your customers, you ought to ensure that all the factors of your internet site, along with redirects, are pointing to the right route. in case you do make certain it to your users, you're at the right course of growing your visitors and visits.

So don’t wait. take a look at out the tool that allows you gain better publicity on line with the aid of checking redirects and the way they behave on your last user pleasure and on your visibility.


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